Chelsea Harris has two decades of professional experience training canines of all breeds and temperaments. Her passion is educating owners on how to communicate with their dog in a way their dog understands.  Chelsea focuses on training a well-balanced and enjoyable dog that their owners can easily live with and a dog that their owners are proud of.  She grew up in Colorado and has trained professionally in Texas, Colorado, Mississippi, and Utah.


We are dog people!  We understand dogs and we can show you how to make your four-legged family member the best he/she can be.


Rules Around the Pool

Does your dog jump in the pool every time you let them out in the yard?  Are you tired of drying your dog off every time he’s at the back door? Wouldn’t it be nice if your dog only came into the pool when invited?  We can show you how to teach your dog “Rules Around the Pool”.



All levels of obedience included. Starting puppies out the right way, place training, leash manners, recall, sit, down, stay, etc. A well-mannered dog makes for a happy dog and a happy owner. We can show you how! Contact us today.


Off Leash Control

Advanced training includes off-leash control, solid heel work, recalls, high distractions, the works. You will have total confidence that you have control of your dog, regardless of the environment.


Puppy Development

Everything you need to know about preparing for a puppy and allowing us to get it off on the right foot, once it’s home. The first few months are so important for developing a strong and balanced relationship that will last you a lifetime.



Having a well-socialized dog is imperative to having a happy dog. Learn how to safely socialize and expose your dog to all sorts of environments, people, and other creatures. Don’t have the time to properly socialize with your puppy? No problem, we can do it for you!


Training the Humans

We love to educate families on how to communicate with their dogs in a way that their dog understands. We will teach you how to do just this and the results are almost instant in the ways dogs react.


Behavior Modification

Has your dog developed habits that are driving you crazy? Lots of dogs develop habits such as jumping, mouthing, chewing up everything in sight, running away, barking uncontrollably, etc. It’s never too late to teach a dog a better way to behave. We are believers that we can definitely teach an old dog some new tricks!



Is your dog reactive to other dogs? Is your dog reactive to strangers? Regardless of the intensity or reason, we can help. With over 5 years of specific experience with aggressive dogs, we have the expertise and tools to help your dog be more trusting and manageable. Let us show you how!


Parlor Galore

It’s important to get everyone, including children, involved in your dog’s training. Learn how easy and fun teaching your dog some flashy parlor tricks can be! Kids enjoy it and dogs love it!


Group Classes

Coming Summer 2021. Group classes ranging from puppy kindergarten, basic obedience, advanced obedience, and off lead control. Also offering an aggression class for dogs with reactivity issues. A safe and controlled way to expand on your relationship with your dog, and advance their training skill. Contact us for more information.

“Chelsea is a total pro.  Her skills and understanding of our pup have surpassed our expectations!  This gal knows dogs!”

T & C


No request is too big or small for our team. If it matters to you, it matters to us. Let us show you the Canine Concierge difference!

No request is too big or small for our team. If it matters to you, it matters to us. Let us show you the Canine Concierge difference!